Designed and managed by ultra runners, this is the perfect ultra for both beginners & for experienced ultra runners who want to race the clock.
This is a 4 lap ultra race on the beautiful Mine Falls Trails in Nashua NH
Why 4 laps?
1) We are blessed to have this trail system in our urban area, but as much as there are miles of trails…to make a seemless, easy to follow course, the directors came up with a beautiful 8 mile course.
2) This allows beginner ultra runners the option of bailing out if they bit off more than they can chew. If you complete 1 lap, we will be happy to give you an 8 mile medal….2 laps, we will hand you a 16 mile medal that you should be proud of. AFTER THAT, you will have a decision to make. We do not give medals for 3 laps. So after 2 laps, you will have to decide if you are all in. THAT’s what an ultra is all about. Ask anyone who has run one. Need help training, call Train 180 @ 603.494.3428 and they can get you started on a program to conquer this.
3) If you are an experienced ultra runner, you know that the multi lap races allow you a nice safe area for you to replenish at your drop bag stations. It also messes with your mind. When you pass through and see everyone relaxing with a beer, you have to decide……are you strong enough to go around again or hang it up for the day. You decide how strong you are. You’re welcome.

nh trail races in nh


  • 10 Hour Cutoff.
    • This means that we will set times that you have to make before we allow you to go around another lap.
    • We are not doing this because we are mean or do not want you to meet your goals, but because we have to think of safety of you, our staff & volunteers. We are also limited on our permit times. :). We do not take this lightly. Both directors have finished ultra and both have DNF’s. It is part of the event. We will work with you any way we can but a cut off is a cutoff. The specific times will be emailed as we get closer to event day.
  • Aid Stations
    • Per the map below, you will have aid stations 1.5-2 miles. These will be well stocked and a specific list of what will be at each station will be emailed a few weeks before the event to allow you to prepare. You will be allowed to have items at the drop bag area as well as item sent to each aid station (more on that later).
  • Terrain
    • The trails we send you down vary from wide, packed dirt, to rolling, single track. You do cross some pavement but do not spend any significant time on pavement. Trail shoes are obviously recommended but you probably wont need your narlyest shoes. Weather will affect conditions and we will send an email with the latest conditions a day or 2 before so that you can prepare.
    • There are some hills but no significant climbs. So poles are at your discretion.
  • Parking/camping
    • There is no camping at Mine Falls. There is plenty of parking so no worries about getting there in time. Our crew will be there @ 3am setting up, so if you find the need to be there as soon as possible, you may arrive then.
  • Pacers
    • They are allowed. When you check in, please get a pacer bracelet for all of you pacers. Pacer are not allowed to go more than one lap at a time. They can enter at any point of the course. They do need to check in with our check stations (so that we know who is out there… first!)
  • Safety Check Points
    • These are at the aid stations . Please make sure the checkpoints can see you bib# & note if you have a pacer. These are serving 3 purposes….1) safety, 2) cheaters (sadly, we need this) & 3) time cutoff check points.
  • Medical
    • We will have a medial team at the Start/Finish line and rolling med teams on quads throughout. Each aid station will have direct contact with medical teams.
  • GPS Watches and Distances
    • Please do not come to one of the directors telling us that the distance is wrong according to your GPS watch. This is a trail race. It will not be exactly the same for everyone based on quality of watch and tangents. YES, trees do affect GPS readings! One of the directors is a USATF course measurer and while this is not a “certified” course, it was measured using the same methods. They have been directing and measuring race courses on trails and mountains for over 10 years. If you think your GPS is suddenly more accurate, they will have speech ready for you. 🙂 If you feel like you did not run 51.4K as promised, you are welcome to keep running until you do. 🙂
  • Awards
    • Top 3 M/F
    • Top 1 M/F in age groups
      • 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
    • Awards are NOT mailed. You must pick them up at the awards tent after the race.
  • Covid adjustments. We will adhere to all state and city mandates. An email will go to all registrants with specifics and expectations.
  • Other questions can be directed to Chris @ chris@
nh trail races in nh

50k FAQ’s

Yes. Because this is a multiloop race, your bag will be at the S/F line. You will have access to it every 8 miles. Please make sure it is labeled with your bib number. Our staff will organize them in order and you can use it as a pit stop.
50k registrants will get a list of what will be at each aid station a few weeks before so that you can plan accordingly. Items like PB & J sandwiches, pickles, gummy bears, etc will be a part of that list (all the good ultra runner stuff!)