What is Sub 5’s Common Sense & Common Courtesy  Policy?

It means that we trust that most people are well meaning and can live side by side with respect for each other.   When it comes to an endurance event during a pandemic, it means also caring about your fellow runner &  respecting their choices and health.  

Because of that, we will  be implementing some precautions per guidelines given to us by the state of NH and USATF.

But we are not going to turn this event into a prison where everyone has to follow 100 rules.  

Here is what we will be doing and what we expect from our workers and our runners.

1) Sub 5 race crew will have a face a covering on when it is clear that we cannot remain 6ft from people.  If you see a crew member without a mask, please look at the whole situation before sending an angry email or FB post.  Use common sense.  Are they really putting somone else in danger at that current point and time without a mask?  These guys (&girls) work hard and the masks can be restrictive. We want them to have access to oxygen when they need it. 

2) We will have a registration corral long enough to allow people to line up and stand 6 ft apart.  You should be able to gauge how far 6ft is by now (@ 1 llama length).  We will not be placing circles or marks on the ground.  If you see some people closer than 6ft to each other, they are likely firends or family that are ok with being close to each other.  Leave them alone.  Unless they invade your space, then just let them be.

3) We will be monitoring the line for overcrowding & make adjustments as needed.  If you see that the line is too crowded for your comfort level,  you are welcome to wait or ask a race crew member for an alternative to waiting in the line. 

4) Registration table will have  clear plastic between you & the race crew with a small opening to pass your bib and shirt under.  If you see our registration crew behind the curtain without a mask, it is because they know it is IMPOSSIBLE for the virus to pass through the curtain and we want you to be able to hear them….and see their great smiles. :).  and no, the virus does cannot live on race bibs.  but yes, we will have wipes right there for you in case you want to wipe yours down.

5) If you want to wear a mask, please feel free to do so.  If you see people without one, unless they are within 6 ft of you, then respect their decision……just like they are respecting yours. 

6) The wave corrals will be big enough to allow all 10 people allowed to all stand 6ft apart if they desire.  However, if some groups like family members want to stand closer….then please dont give them the stink eye.  Unless they are within 6 ft of you, then respect their decision……just like they are respecting yours. 

7) If on the course, you cannot pass with 6ft in between you and the person in front of you, you can A) wait until  there is space or B) give a warning that you are going to pass on the LEFT and give them time to move over.

8) At the after party, please adhere to the restaurants rules and respect people whom you dont know and their 6ft space.  If you run into a situation where you find yourself within 6ft of someone, then COMMUNICATE with them like a human being adult and ask if it is ok.  You will find that MOST people are poilte and friendly….and willing work out something to make everyone feel safe. 

9) We will have hand sanitizing stations all over the venue.  USE THEM.  And for the love of God (or whoever you believe in) , please wash your hands after using the restroom.  We cant believe we had to add that, but we do.   

10) If you have a problem or a suggestion for us, we ask that you respectfully email us @ chris@sub5racing.com with your suggestions or concerns and not go to social media.  If you do post, make it polite, positive and helpful.  Critical, negative posts do not help anyone improve.  They just cause hurt feelings and more isolation.  Havent we had enough of that?   

REMEMBER, we want everyone safe and to have fun just as much as you do.  Lets do this together and just be nice. 

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nh trail races in nh