A Real Trail Race for Real Trail Racin’ Kids!

PARENTS: You are welcome to run with your kids. HOWEVER, please remember that this is THIER race. If you want to compete, we have 4 other races for you to choose from.

WHEN: Saturday Nov 20, 2021 8:30AM
WHERE: Mine Falls Park (park near Train 180 Gym on Pine St Ext Side of park.
DISTANCE: Varies depending on age. Longest distance would be 1.2 miles. or 1.93km, 2112 yards,1.04277 nautical miles, 1.931e+12 nanometers. Whatever you prefer to tell your kids to get them motivated.
WHO can enter: Any human that can walk or run on their own to the designated sticker stations up to age 11.
WHAT you get: (entry fee includes) A shirt, a REAL finishers medal, piles of stickers and other bling and bragging rights.
HOW MUCH: $10 until August 1
$15 Thereafter

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