We will answer all of life’s questions here.

You will not be disqualified, but we highly discourage it. With multiple races going on, it is pertinent you can hear our course marshals. You may end up missing the vibe of the race or some important instructions. So unplug and get into nature for a while!
We love dogs, but we will not be allowing them at the race. This policy is all inclusive for all pets, including but not limited to salamders, cats, iguanas, giraffes, yetis, alligators, parrots and anything else. Husbands are allowed but must be leashed if they tend to wander. You must pick up after your husband as well.
Waves are grouped into 10 minute segments. Each segment will be launching groups of 3-5 runners during that 10 minute period. If you are with people you know and dont mind getting close to them, then you can run with them. If there are strangers that you feel you want to stay 6ft away from, there will be plenty of room for you to do that. When your time approaches, you will be called to the holding corral. When the wave ahead of you launches you will be moved into the start corral. When the announcer releases you, you race! 🙂 The race is chip timed, so your time will not start until you cross the start line.
Yes. Several. Although to minimize contact, we encourage you to bring your own fluids. Pease see the maps for approx locations.
No. In order to minimize contact points and guarantee waves, you have to pre register.
Yes, if you need to make a change, please email becky @ sub5@sub5racing.com. We cannot guarantee your wave will be available, but we will try.
If it does not appear in the registration page, then it is full.
No, you need to make that change at packet pick up.
Top 3 M/F in each race. Fastest Mom (must have "I want my mom bling" checked off on reg page for us to know who is a mom). Moms of humans only please. We appreciate the dog or cat mom people, but this is for moms of humans. Fastest Mom & Kid Team Teams can have more than one kid on them, but we will combine the mom's time with the fastest kid
Top three overall M/F for the AM. If you want to see if you won overall, you will have wait until the last wave is completed. We do NOT mail awards.
Yes, just sign up for both on the reg page! If you are not sure, you can wait until race weekend and add a race but we cannot guarantee there will be space.
Yes. Sort of. All runners over 21 will get a beer ticket to redeem at Odd Fellows Brewery in Nashua (less than a mile from the start line). You may join the after party there or redeem your ticket later in the week. All beer tickets are good for 1 week after the race.
Yes. The Start/Finish line area has a huge place for tents & teams.
Yes. Just adhere to our Common Courtesy policy please.
Yes, 4 hours for the 13.1 & 1.5 hours for the 5k.